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Prudential Georgia Realty`s Residential Property Management Division is the home rental expert. No shopping centers, no office buildings. Homes are what we manage because homes are what we know best.

Whether it is property purchased with investment in mind, a house you`d like to lease until a buyer is found, or the dream home you plan to return to, rely on the Rock SolidTM real estate experience of Prudential Georgia Realty to lease and maintain your home for you.

Discover the Prudential Advantage...

More Personalized Attention

Your Prudential Georgia Realty Management agent combines proven marketing tools with an unprecedented level of personal involvement.

·         Agents personally accompany prospects to your home, then personally check on your home once it is rented.

·         Agents assist your tenants to assure a smooth move in.

·         Your agent is there for you and your tenant 24 hours a day. Our pagers and voice mail never sleep.


Qualified Tenants

Prudential Georgia Realty Property Management agents are masters at the art of matching people and property.

·         Your home is advertised to a targeted market.

·         Your home will be placed in First Multiple Listing Service for maximum exposure.

·         Prospective tenants are qualified through interviews, preferences and credit checks.

·         Our agents work to develop and maintain a positive relationshipbetween owners and tenants for a win-win arrangement for you, your home and its temporary residents.


Attention to Detail

Prudential Atlanta/Georgia Realty Property Management Division eliminates surprises.

·         Agents verify your home`s fair market value and prepare a management budget analysis so you know exactly what to expect each month.

·         Your agent contacts the tenant immediately if payment is delayed.

·         Computerized monthly reports and a complete annual accounting keep you informed at all times.

Professional Follow-Up

·         No more emergency late night calls for maintenance.

·         Periodic monthly drive-bys and inspections may be made on your home.

·         Agents evaluate and assess responsibility for any damages that may occur, then examine all repair work and approve invoices. Rely on your Prudential Georgia Realty Property Management agent to scrutinize estimates and the quality of work performed as carefully as you would.

·         Thorough move-in, move-out inspections are conducted by your agent.


Investment Potential

Your Prudential Georgia Realty Property Management agent utilizes the resources of an attorney who specializes in Landlord/Tenant laws.

·         Your agent and an attorney who specializes in Landlord/Tenant laws monitor any changes and act on any lease issues or changes that may affect your property.

·         Your agent can assist you in maximizing your home`s investment potential.


Customized Services

Your situation is as unique as your home.

·         Our Tenant Placement option is ideal if you prefer managing your home yourself, but want the convenience and security of having professionals qualify your tenants and execute leases.

·         Prudential Georgia Realty does not charge for advertising placement and will immediately fund repairs in advance for your peace of mind and the comfort of your tenant.

·         If you decide to sell your home, Prudential Georgia Realty Property Management Division can facilitate a swift and smooth move from lease to listing.


As the agent, I will do a comparable market survey to establish rental rates for like properties in the area.  This is similar to a CMA that would be done to help establish a listing price for sale. An inspection should be completed to determine the overall quality of the home, its’ systems and what is needed to make it marketable.  This is also the opportunity to discuss the marketing plan, any leasing incentives that you the owner may be able to offer and in general, what your wishes are and how can we accommodate them.

Typically, our marketing efforts consist primarily of placing property in the FMLS/MLS, signage, flyers and lock box.

When a prospective tenant is found, the application and the $50 fee is submitted to Property Management.  The fee of $50 is applicable for a single person or married couple.  If there are unmarried individuals wanting to rent the property, each applicant must fill out a separate application and each must submit a $50 application fee.   Prudential Georgia Realty Property Management will run the applicant(s) through our screening service and do various verification checks. 

We will consult with you the owner on each application received.  Once we have an approved application, Property Management will prepare the lease documents for execution and collect funds.

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Contact Hank Bailey at 706-621-1895 for more information on leasing your home, condo, or duplex or email me at

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