Get Your Free Listingbook! Search the MLS Database like an Agent!

Now you can search the local MLS just like an agent.  The new ListingBook allows you to see amazing details, statistics and trends that were previously only available to agents.  Just complete this form, email me, or give me a call.  I will set you up so you can begin taking advantage of the ListingBook today.

Buyer Advantages:

·       * Get morning reports for new listings, price reductions or status changes within 30 minutes of them hitting the MLS.  That means that you get information fast and may be able to see an opportunity before others know what happened!

·         *Set up custom searches with all the filering options available in the MLS. Set up as many as you want and change them anytime.  You are in control.  

·        *See sold properties in addition to listed properties so you know what is happening based upon real transactions.

·         *Rate your properties or provide your comments.  Together, we can easily exchange comments for more effective collaboration.

·         *I can provide very detailed property or market information that gives us the edge in finding the best opportunities.  

·          *By combining ListingBook data with my other sources of detailed short sale & foreclosure data, I  can give you the best insight into the current market. 

Seller Advantages:

·         *Get morning reports on the latest changes to your competition including price changes, new listings or status changes.  


·         *See reports that show how many times agents or buyers are looking at the details of your property in the MLS.  This is a new and highly valuable source of information to show you how your value proposition is performing. 


·         *With "property promotions" from ListingBook, we can target your property advertising to more specific agents and buyers looking in the area and criteria for your home


·         *Showing packages allow open house visitors or other showing prospects to rate the things they like or dislike for immediate feedback.    


·         *The CyberCMA provides a detailed analysis of the changing market and can be automatically updated to the latest information.


These are just a few of the advantages of ListingBook.  Just call me, email me or complete the form below to get started.  If you know someone else who may be interested in this kind of detailed real estate market information, please forward this page to them.  

Right now, we still have some of the lowest mortgage rates in 60 years.  There are exceptional properties available at prices below their replacements costs.  Everyone knows it is a great time to buy.  It is also a great time to move up to the home of your dreams - even if you do not get what you would prefer on your current property.  I would be honored to show you how to take advantage of the opportunities in the current real estate market.