How to Find a Good Buyer’s Real Estate Agent in Athens, GA

How to Find a Good Buyer’s Real Estate Agent in Athens, GA.

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Look for a buyer's agent who will represent your best interests when negotiating a home purchase in Athens, GA.

What is a buyer's agent?

A buyer's agent is a real estate professional who represents the buyer's interests in a real estate home purchase.

A Realtor® acting as a buyer's agent finds properties for sale based on your goals and price range and guides you through the often times complex process of viewing and negotiating with sellers through their agents (aka listing agents) to get the best deal.

Most real estate agents work with both buyers and sellers, although usually an agent represents either the buyer or the seller in a single transaction or home purchase. When representing a buyer, an agent has a legal responsibility to act in their buyer's best interests.

What a buyer's real estate agent does

A buyer's agent guides you through the home buying process — from house hunting to closing. Among other things, a buyer’s agent will:

Provide you with extensive market knowledge in the area you are buying a home.
1 ) Get you acquainted with neighborhoods in your price range.
2 ) Help you identify the areas you are not as fond of based on your list of criteria.
3 ) Focus on the areas that are important to you based on work, schools, and communte.
4 ) Provide you with useful local knowledge, help you understand the local market conditions.
5 ) Take you to see potential homes as soon as possible. Once again, same day showings are not only available, but preferred!

Negotiation strategies which have helped our buyers buy their home at the best possible price. Many of our buyer transactions are multiple offers, and we're proud of our lengthy track record of five star reviews in representing clients. What this means for you;
1 ) Advise you on how to write an offer that will give you an advantage over other home buyers.
2 ) When competing with multiple offers, how to best strategize to give you best opportunities for success.
3 ) How to separate your offer from everyone else's to make it stand out in the crowd!
4 ) We'll ensure your offer is presented to the seller for their response.
5 ) We help you negotiate your home at the best possible price.

Please see our Value Proposition here for more details!

How a buyer's agent gets paid

The seller usually pays the real estate agent's commission, which is their closing costs. This fee the seller pays is split between the listing (or seller's) agent and the buyer's agent. A typical real estate commission (split by both agents) ranges from 4% to 6% of the home sale price.

How to find a buyer's agent

Look for a full-time, licensed real estate agent who has demonstrated a commitment to professionalism. Find out how many years has the agent been in the real estate business. What professional training and designations or certifications have they completed? Is the agent involved within the local real estate community? Meaning, are they a member of the area Board of Realtors and MLS. Find out about experience, training and strong professional ties in the community enabling an agent to negotiate effectively on your behalf.

As you talk to different agents, here are some topics to discuss:

Communication: How will the agent communicate with you? Will you work directly with the agent or with the agent's assistants? That's a big deal. You don't want to hire an agent based on their experience and get 'handed off.' These details reveal a lot about working styles, so you can choose the agent with an approach that fits both your needs and personality. 

House hunting: How will the agent find availalble homes in your price range? Ask whether the agent has helped other buyers in similar circumstances to you find homes. Do they deal for example with retirees mainly or first time home buyers. Are they focused on luxury properties or do they also have expereince and the will to find starter homes! Is their focus on one area of the town you want to focus on with a home purchase or do they understand the market in an adjacent county, for example. 

Making offers: How will the agent help you make competitive offers and negotiate with sellers? What challenges will you face in today's market? A good agent will set realistic expectations.

Review online reviews and resources to do your research of an agent's experience and reputation with his or her past clients. Here's a couple of examples on where to look to review both past sales and client testimonials.
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Choose the right buyer's agent for you

An agent may have all the experience and qualifications to be successful, but might not be a right fit for you. Whether you're a first-time home buyer or seeking to buy a vacation home, note how you feel when interacting with that agent.

Does the agent's communication style fit with yours? Is this someone you could trust to look out for your best interests? Good rapport and a good working relationship (and trust) matter as much as the agent's experience.

If you are looking for a buyer's agent to assist with a home purchase in Athens, GA, please reach out to me. It would be my pleasure to be of service!