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Selling a home? It would be my pleasure to speak with you about selling your home in Oconee County. As an Oconee County resident, I was born and raised in Athens, GA. In 1984 we moved to Oconee County and have lived here ever since!  My career in real estate began in 2005 so I've had the benefit of being on the roller coaster of both up and down markets. Throughout my real estate career I've learned many lessons. I value doing a good job and doing it the right way. This work ethic, taught by my family, also caused me to adopt the motto, "Hard work is not to be applauded, it's to be expected." This has made me one of the most responsive and dedicated agents you'll ever meet! 

As a good student of my business, I watch trends in every angle of the real estate business, including having an eye to look for and identify the quality of construction on newly renovated flips to new homes. Also being in front of the MLS (or multiple listing service daily) on three different platforms (Georgia MLS, FMLS, and Athens MLS) I knows comps, keeps up with new listings, and knows the market. What I want to show you is why many consider me the best Realtor in Oconee. If you're looking to sell a home fast - What is the fastest way to sell a home in Watkinsville Ga? - or just need help determining the cost of selling your home, please contact me today! I'll be happy to share with you answers to the most common questions that come up. From home selling tips to the process of marketing your home and how it all works including how to stage your home, tips for selling your home, best improvements for home valuation, and do open houses sell houses! Please contact me today to schedule a time we can meet to see your home and discuss the process in person!

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