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Your journey to homeownership starts here!

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Making homeownership accessible to everyone!

Divvy homes Metro Atlanta has a new take on the rent-to-own model offers Americans a safe alternative form of financing so they can get into their dream home today, even if they don't qualify for a mortgage or have money saved up for a large down payment.

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  • Minimum FICO of 550
  • Minimum $40k annual income
  • Currently employed or have other steady income sources.
  • A maximum debt-to-income ratio of 50% including a potnetial Divvy Homes payment.
  • No evictions in the previous year.
  • No bankruptcty in the past year.
How it works
  1. The customer chooses their dream home.
  2. The customer makes it their own.
  3. They build towards their mortage
  4. They buy back the home or walk away with savings.
Take a look at how it works in more detail at the following links;

The customer can choose any home on the market and Divvy buyers it on their behalf, with just *2% due upfront and monthly payments that cover rent and Home Savings. Divvy takes care of negotiating, home inspections, closing fees, and most of the paperwork. The customer enjoys the benefits of ownership from day one. They're building equity in the home and the home is theirs - they can feel free to paint the walls or hang up family photos.  Each month, the customer will make one monthly payment of which 75% is rent and 25% goes into a "Home Savings" account that goes directly towards their future down payment.  The customer can buy back the home at any point, using their savings to go towards their future down payment or they can walk away and Divvy will cash them out (minus a 2% relisting fee).

If you'd like to sign up please use my perosnalized link at so that you will automatically be associated with me on your Divvy account. I look forward to being of service in helping you find that right next dream home!

*Every Divvy customer starts out with at least 2% equity credits (aka their initial contribution due at signing), and builds to 10% equity credits over the 3-year lease. The equity credits can be converted into a down payment for a mortgage at any time. If the customer has built 4% equity credits, for example, that means they have a 4% down payment.