Before We Talk Houses, Understanding what you really want and discussing how it all works! My Value Proposition to you as a Home Buyer and what I'm going to do for you! Hank Bailey RE/MAX Legends

Before We Even Talk Houses ...

Within the home buying process, here's what I'm going to do for you!

Let's discuss my Value Proposition to you as a Home Buyer!

  • Providing a CMA (Current Market Analysis) on each home you're interested in.
  • Developing Rapport with the Listing Agent (Also known as the Seller's Agent. This is a big plus when you're competing in a multiple offer scenario on a listing. Many times my clients may get the contract on the house they love because of my relationship and past dealings with that listing agent!)
  • Respond timely with communication from myself and the Listing Agent.
  • Presenting your offer to the Listing Agent explaining the strengths and highlights of your offer!
  • Create the Dream Team : Introducing you to reputable lenders, inspectors, title agents, closing attorneys, and other contractors that we'll use throughout the process from due diligence to closing!
  • Review questions you have regarding lending, inspections, title exams, etc...
  • Inform you on current market conditions and what to expect.
  • Informing you on offer components and competitive strategies for max leverage.
  • Attend inspections, bids, and appraisals/walk throughs. (Most agents don't.)
  • Help you navigate difficult scenarios such as inspection issues, low appraisals, and financing challenges.
  • Guide you through the transaction to meet all contractual deadlines.
  • Communicate with you regarding closing expectations and requirements.

Understanding what you really want and discussing how it all works!

Importance of Understanding Client Needs

  • Do you understand how Loans work?
  • Have you thought about Loan options?
  • Do you have a trusted lender?
  • Could you qualify for something else?
  • Where is the down payment coming from? 

Home Buyer Guide

Determining Client Goals

  • What do you really need from a house?
  • What do you like to do?
  • Will you live in the home long enough to make it worthwhile?
  • Is it tempting to compromise on criteria that are important?

Home Buyer Questionnaire

Explaining the Contract Process

Let's go over the contract process together! (You might not know much about real estate and there's a lot of mis-information out there!)

  • Explaining how closing works.
  • Discussing what Earnest Money is in a home purchase!
  • Discuss contingencies
  • Explaining inspections and additional experts we might need!

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