How to spot a local expert on Zillow Agent Finder | Lawrenceville, Buford, GA

How to spot a local expert on Zillow using Zillow Agent Finder?  Very easy!  Go to the agent's profile. Mine is located at


Click on the icon, highlighted above in the blue box!  Zillow will indicate to you in this Local Expert badge those agents who have made valuable contributions in a specific city or neighborhood on Zillow. Local Experts are active Zillow users who share their real estate knowledge and help others by contributing high-quality content at a local level. The more and better the contributions a user makes that relate to that city or neighborhood, the more likely an award will be granted.  You will note that some agents are highly placed on Zillow Agent Finder, but don't have the Local Expert Badge or they might not have it for that area of the market you are looking at buying or selling a home in.  That means many times that they are paid advertisers in that market, so as a consumer, you would have to research their past sales and reviews in that market to know whether or not they have the local experience in which you could trust and consider them as knowledgeable.

According to Zillow, I am a local expert in both Buford and Lawrenceville, GA within the Metro Atlanta market.

Would love having the opportunity to show you the same level of service that I have shown clients who have reviewed me on Zillow over the years! Please contact me today with questions or needs!