Buyer Resources

Buyer Concierge and Real Estate Rewards Program

BUYER REAL ESTATE REWARDS provides that if you decide to purchase a property from any of the links to homes I provide you with when using the Buyer’s Concierge or any home you find on my web site using the MLS search feature, each home is a possible candidate for a 1% reward.

Most homes, with the exception of bank owned or foreclosed properties, offer a 3% buyer’s agent commission. That’s the commission I’m paid for finding and representing a buyer for the property. I am willing to give up to 1% of the final sale price to my clients when they purchase a home with me.


The top reason for working with me as an agent  is that I can help you find the right home to purchase. 

The top ways in which I can assist are through understanding the purchase process, pointing out unnoticed faults or features in the homes in which you have an interest, and negotiating the best terms possible in your purchase.  My most valuable characteristics are honesty and integrity, and my knowledge of the purchase process due to my being an Associate Broker is strong.  You will find my responsiveness, knowledge of the real estate market, communication, and negotiation skills to exceed your expectations.