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Your Buyer's Agent and How they Miss

In the past, it was common sense for real estate agents to go straight to the source for listings to get information on the neighborhood or home the buyer they were working with wanted to see.  That 'source,' is called the MLS or multiple listing service.  Yet weekly I have agents who are inexperienced, lacking training and know-how, to just plain lazy about the busienss they claim to be a expert in calling me about listings on my website that I don't represent personally as a builder's agent.

Yet, they are neighborhoods that I have a great deal of knowledge in and sell homes in on a frequent basis so I know the current incentives a builder might be offering, I know what's for sale and can be closed within 30-45 days out, and I know the builders so it's easy for me and my team to get you quick answers so you can make decisions on your next home move!

Yet, there is always the buyer's agent who is not as invested into this business as I am. Who doesn't have the experience and 'will' to be a good student of their business.  Selling real estate, and more than that, helping buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals is a passion of mine! I love helping people find that perfect next home!  

I get calls however from other agents, and let's just say it could be 'your' agent, that say things like ,"Do you have information on this neighborhood. With all these sites out there I just don't know where to look for the contact on a new neighborhood"  I'm dumbfounded by that comment.  It would be like an accountant 'Googling' for information on how to do taxes for you when they have 'the tax code' to refer to in order to get them the most up-to-date information!

From the Hapless Agent

Here's the text of the day from one hapless agent.

"My name is .......... with ................ in Loganville. I’m just calling to get some information on the Glen subdivision I have a client that’s interested in possibly building in that subdivision. He wants to know what lots are available and prices. He also wants to know what floor plans are available for these lots.  If you have a copy of the HOA that would be great. Also the lender you are using for your subdivision and if any closing cost are being paid by builder. If you could give me a call or send the information to my email at ..."

The information is on the MLS and actually, it's on at least two (2) different MLS' where she could get her client quick information on the neighbohrood to answer all their questions, but without your agent knowing what they're doing, you as a buyer may miss out on the 'choice lot' you wanted, get delayed in getting pre-qualified with the preferred lender to get the incentives offered, etc... 

Save yourself the frustration and just Call Hank! Let me help you make the process of buying a home smoother by working with an agent who really is 'full time' in real estate and wants to be of help!