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America's Preferred Home Warranty | Benefits for My Sellers

With each of my listings, my clients get protection and added marketing benefits separating their home from the competition by being covered by America's Preferred Home Warranty at no cost to them! This is an added benefit as part of the listing process of working through me! Why America's Preferred Home Warranty?

Homeowners deserve the right to choose their own licensed contractors!

America’s Preferred Home Warranty lets you choose!

This is what separates America's Preferred Home Warranty from the others! They are the only home warranty company that gives homeowners the Freedom to Choose their own licensed contractors for all covered home repairs. During the listing period, at no cost to my Sellers, they receive $1,000 of FREE warranty coverage. This includes appliances!  

America’s Preferred Home Warranty is pleased to announce the completion of a successful business certification process with nationally recognized consumer investigator Dale Cardwell of 

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"Home warranties available from America’s Preferred Home Warranty provide coverage against malfunctioning of major appliances and other home systems. Standard homeowner insurance often covers the cost of items damaged by a storm, fire, or accident. But the owner is on the hook if a home’s major system suddenly ceases to function as a result of normal wear and tear. That’s why property protection plans are smart investments for homeowners and realtors.

Peace of mind and freedom of choice are two characteristics of the home warranties offered through our company. We provide great flexibility to homeowners so they can select which contractor they want to choose for covered service and repairs. Some owners may already have an idea of which contractor they trust, whether through prior interactions or through personal recommendations. We are the only major home warranty company that provides this freedom of choice. We know, from over seventeen successful years in the home warranty business, that it provides greater satisfaction and financial security to the holder of the warranty. The individual can set up the times and work directly with the contractor without interference, increasing the efficiency and lessening the stress of getting repairs done. Having the option to call a contractor that you know 24/7, and during unforeseen emergencies, is the most important benefit of a home warranty with America’s Preferred Home Warranty."

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Ask me today for details! At closing if warranty is not paid for by the Buyer, negotiated into the contract, or paid for by either agent involved in the sale, it goes away.  This is true regarding a listing that expires unsold.